Selling a 2004 Model or Newer in California

Do you have a 2004 Model Year or Newer Car?

If you are considering selling your car to State of California’s BAR program and your car is 2004 model year or NEWER you might consider getting an offer price for your car from a corporate car buyer first.

Here are a few points to consider for those selling 2004 and newer cars:

  • You might get more money – The BAR program is capped at maxiumum of $1,000 ($1,500 low income) no matter what year or type of car – Corporate car buyers will use the true market value of your car*.
  • Faster payment – Corporate buyers will pay you with a check within a couple of days while BAR program takes 45-60 days if you are approved.
  • Less paperwork – Corporate buyers there are no application forms to mail or waiting period for application approval.
  • Free Pick Up – Corporate buyers will usually pick up your car for free – BAR program requires driving vehicle to approved dismantler.
  • Immediate answer – Corporate buyers can give you immediate quote vs BAR 30 day application waiting period.

If you wish to get a free, no obligation quote from a corporate car buyer here are contact phone numbers for local California companies that will buy your car.

Select a location near you.

Southern California Locations

Los Angeles and Ventura County
Servicing area codes (818 | 747 | 213 | 310 | 424 | 323 | 626 | 562)

Orange County
Servicing area codes (714 | 657 | 949)

San Bernardino and Riverside Counties
Servicing area codes (951 | 909 | 442 | 760)

San Diego
Servicing area codes (858 | 619)

Northern and Central California

San Francisco, Marin, Alameda and surrounding counties
Servicing area codes (415 | 510 | 650 | 925)

Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and surrounding counties
Servicing area codes (408 | 831)

Sacramento and surrounding counties
Servicing area codes (916 | 209)

Fresno, Madera and surrounding counties
Servicing area code (559)

Yuba, Shasta and surrounding counties
Servicing area code (530)

All other California locations

* Keep in mind the goal of the BAR program is to retire older cars that have emission problems so the $1,000 payment they are offering is not really based on the car’s actual value.

You can save time if you know your VIN
How to Find your VIN
Look in door frame on driver side or the bottom corner of your windshield on driver side. VIN is a unique combination of 17 letters and numbers. Also this should be on your insurance card for the vehicle and on the title.

What to expect when you call:
It usually only takes 2 or 3 minutes to get a value for your car.
To get an appraisal over the phone the car buyers need to know a few things about your car :

  • Make/Model/Year
  • Mileage (rough estimate is fine)
  • Is it driveable?
  • Any major body damage?
  • Is there a clear title?

Don't like any of your purchase offers? Donate your car to help children. Free Towing, Tax Deduction and a free 2 night hotel voucher stay as a thank you gift.

NOTE: DO NOT ALTER or SIGN YOUR TITLE OVER until the buyer gives you the exact instructions on what you need to do to sell your car. The buyer will tell you how to transfer the title.

Local corporate car buyers have locations throughout the state and can give you a free, no obligation quote directly over the phone in a couple of minutes (5 minutes average) .

Please note that corporate buyers are not using federal funds and are not associated with, or endorsed by, any government or government agency. Corporate car buyers are for profit corporations and will make you the best offer they can for your vehicle and offer free pickup and very quick service.

We can't provide quotes via email. Please use the phone numbers above to get a quote.

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