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How To Get Cash for Cars in Ashburn

If you have an old car or junker sitting at your house in Ashburn that you’re ready to sell, you could try parking it at the end of the driveway with a “for sale” sign. Or you could try creating an online ad and then make the effort of sifting through the messages until you manage to find a serious potential buyer.

But rather than struggling through the often slow and difficult progress of selling a car on your own, consider a quicker, easier option and sell your car with Cash For Clunkers with our cash for cars Ashburn method.

We have a unique cash for junk cars Ashburn process, making it easy for locals to receive fast cash in this city. Even better, we want to do more than make a quick buck, which is why we give money to Feeding America with every car we purchase. 

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First, take a look at the rich history and growth of this Virginian city, and continue scrolling to see just how easy it is to turn your car into cash. We cover the following topics in this article:

  • How our cash for junk cars Ashburn process works
  • The types of cars we take here at Cash for Clunkers
  • Why Cash for Clunkers is easy and fast compared to the CARS program

Ashburn, Virginia has an endearing history!

It wasn’t too long ago, only as far back as the 1980s, that Ashburn, Virginia was a mostly empty stretch of farmland. An ambitious residential development program started on Ashburn Farm in 1985 led to rapid development, including the city becoming the headquarters for the tech giant AOL in 1996.

Since then, the city has continued to grow and is now a thriving, hi-tech commercial and residential district with many shopping and dining amenities and sprawling data centers. Over 70% of all Internet traffic in the world flows through the city of Ashburn and their neighbor city, Sterling.

Ashburn offers residents and visitors many fun things to do and see. From restaurants (such as Rupa Vira’s The Signature) to hiking (such as Ashburn’s scenic Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park Trail) to unique experiences (such as iFly Loudoun, Ashburn’s indoor wind tunnel that provides the feeling of skydiving without the need for a parachute), there’s plenty for everyone.

Cash for Junk Cars Ashburn

Here at, we have just a few easy steps for you to quickly get paid for your old junker. Simply read through the infographic for a great overview and then check out our steps listed below.

We make it easy to get cash for your junk car in Ashburn!

Step 1: Tell us about your vehicle

Call us at 1-855-241-1258 or use our online form to provide a few simple details about your vehicle, including its year, make, model, and condition.

Step 2: We give you your offer instantly 

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so we give you a cash offer for your car right away and with no obligations from you.

Step 3: We pick up the car

Cash for Clunkers wants the process of selling your vehicle to be as simple as possible. We’ll come to you on a day and time of your choosing. Then we’ll check out the car, look over the title, and help you take care of all the paperwork.

Step 4: You get paid right away

With all the paperwork complete and the vehicle’s condition checked, we will hand you the check, load up the car, and let you get on with your day. And you can feel good knowing that the sale of your vehicle will help to feed hungry families and seniors across the nation…perhaps even your neighbors!

Asburn has plenty of parks and trails for kids and adults alike!

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.

Types of Cars We Take

Maybe you’ve wanted to sell your old car in Ashburn for a while now, but you haven’t because you didn’t think anyone would want it.

If you have a “junker,” or any car with significant damage  (doesn’t start, is old, or maybe just runs rough), then trying to sell it to an independent buyer or a dealership can be a big hassle.

It is understandable if you don’t want to deal with insurance struggles, the costs for repairs, or the expense of having your old clunker towed somewhere. If any of these issues sound familiar, consider a more straightforward option: junking your car with Cash for Clunkers. We take both parts cars and used cars as explained below.

Parts Cars 

These cars are broken down or so old that they either can’t or shouldn’t be driven anymore. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still get paid if you have a parts car.

Many parts cars still have usable components. We will pay you for your vehicle, tow it away at no extra cost for you, and break down the components that other cars can use.

Used Cars

Maybe your car isn’t in brand new condition, but it is still driveable and valuable. We buy many used vehicles, and you might be pleasantly surprised with how much value some of these vehicles can still hold.

Typically, these are cars that are 2007 models or newer, although we do take older models with special considerations.If you have a junk car you want to get rid of while earning a little extra cash, reach out to us today to get the cash for cars Ashburn process started.

We offer better cash for cars in Ashburn!

Cash For Clunkers: Easy and Fast

From Virginia to California, many states across the country participate in the vehicle retirement program. If you have an old vehicle you want to get rid of and live in Virginia, you could look into the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) program, but we don’t recommend it.

While the program helps eligible individuals trade in their old, inefficient cars and purchase a more fuel-efficient option from a qualified dealer, the turn-around can take weeks. It is a great program, but there are many steps that involve determining eligibility, filing the proper paperwork, and locating a participating dealership.

If you want to get cash for cars in Ashburn fast and don’t want to deal with a lot of bureaucracy, consider contacting your local Cash for Clunkers office near Ashburn, VA

At Cash for Clunkers, we work with local automotive experts who live in and around the Ashburn, VA area. We strive to get you more cash with less hassle. We also give you an instant, no-obligation quote and come to you on the date and time that you decide. Paperwork is simple; and whether you have a like-new, used, or junk vehicle, we will inspect it and tow it away for free. 

Look no further than Cash for Clunkers for an honest, fair price for your old car with our simple but efficient cash for cars Ashburn program. Call and speak to one of our friendly reps or fill out the form for an instant quote today!

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.





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