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How to Get Easy Cash for Junk Cars in Fort Worth

Do you need to sell your used car in Fort Worth quickly? Need cash in 24-72 hours? Cash for Clunkers can help you out with the easiest process for getting cash for junk cars in Fort Worth!

Keep reading to compare why the slower methods available aren’t as great as our very easy and fast process here at Cash for Clunkers:

  • Options for Getting Rid of Your Junker
  • Our Quick and Easy Process
  • How Much Cash Can I Get?
  • Why Choose Cash for Clunkers in Fort Worth?

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Fort Worth, Texas has humble beginnings as a trading post for cowboys riding the Chisholm Trail. Today it is a cosmopolitan city filled with museums, fine dining, great shopping, and beautiful art such as the Kimbell Art Museum, a world-renowned institution. 

Yet, Forth Worth hasn’t forgotten its storied past. After all, the Fort Worth Stockyards host rodeos throughout the event season, and a visit to the National Cowgirl Museum is worth the time. Don’t forget to stop by the Hall of Fame to honor the area’s pioneers.

Fort Worth is full of rich history

While Fort Worth is an incredible city that still has a country feel, it does have a downside. The city and surrounding metro area have some of the worst traffic in the nation. With drivers spending around 40 hours annually stuck in traffic, many people are looking at ditching their vehicles.

Options for Getting Rid of Your Junker

Car owners have a few options when they are ready to get rid of an old vehicle: giving the car to a junkyard, selling it yourself, or selling to Cash for Clunkers.

Giving a Car to a Junkyard

Most local junkyards accept all types of vehicles. Some places will even come to your property and tow the old junker away. You may end up paying a towing fee, but at least the car is out of your garage or off of the lawn.

You may get lucky and find a junkyard willing to tow the vehicle away for free. You aren’t losing any money, but you are also not making any extra dough.

If the vehicle is drivable, you can skip the tow and sell the car to the junkyard for the price of scrap metal. Steel vehicle frames fetch the highest price, but it’s still only pennies compared to the car’s overall value.

Did you know these interesting facts about Fort Worth?

Selling a Car Yourself

Advertising your old car on social media and in newspapers can help you sell your car. However, it is time-consuming and not all ads are free. You also have to deal with haggling and the constant worry that you are getting caught up in a potential scam.

You can also sell it to a used dealership, but more than likely, they will only take it as a trade-in. This option is great if you need a new vehicle and can’t make a down payment, but this option won’t get you the best price for your used car.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.

Selling to Cash for Clunkers

There is an easier way to get cash for cars in Fort Worth. You can sell your old vehicle to Cash for Clunkers.

You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or delivering the car to the buyer. We take care of everything for you. Best of all, you get top dollar for your junked car, guaranteed!

That’s not all, however. You can also feel good about getting rid of your car because we give to Feeding America with every vehicle we buy! This means that getting cash for cars in Fort Worth also helps feed hungry children and seniors right in your city.

See just how easy it is to sell your car to Cash for Clunkers!

Our Quick and Easy Process

Getting cash for cars in Fort Worth only takes a few minutes.

Give Us Some Information

To get the process started, we need to know some details about the car. Don’t worry! We are not asking for pages of information, just a few facts. You want to be as honest as possible on the short form. It affects the vehicle’s value and your final cash offer.

Fill out the fields for the vehicle’s make, model, and condition online or answer a few questions over the phone. If the frame is rusted, include this information. You also want to let us know if the car was involved in an accident. With the online form, you also have the option of remaining anonymous. We don’t need your name to make an offer on the vehicle.

Receive a Cash Offer 

After submitting your information, give us a couple of seconds for review. We will give you an offer on your vehicle within minutes by phone or email. You can choose how you receive the cash offer.

You can take some time to think about the offer or accept it immediately. You are in control throughout the entire selling process.

Make Pick-Up Arrangements 

Cash for Clunkers in Fort Worth will pick the vehicle up for free. The towing fee does not come out of the agreed-upon selling price.

You choose the pick up date and time. Our vehicle removal team is flexible and will work with your schedule. Just let the team know where the vehicle is located, and they will do the rest.

Get Cash for Your Car 

When we come to pick up the vehicle, we’ll do a quick visual inspection. We just want to make sure the car’s condition matches the information you provided. Don’t worry if there is a scratch or minor dent not listed. It shouldn’t affect the vehicle’s sale.

It’s important to note that if we find the car has major accident damage not disclosed, it can affect the sale. We classify junked cars into three categories with different monetary values. Not fully disclosing all details about the vehicle’s condition can cause the car to be moved into a different category, restarting the selling process.

Most vehicles are in the expected condition, and we hand the check for the full sale amount over to you. We take over the ownership of the vehicle, and we also handle all of the paperwork. All that’s left for you to do is deposit the check into your account.

How Much Cash Can I Get?

The value of your used car depends on a few factors that include

  • Make
  • Model
  • Condition

Some makes and models are worth more than others, even in un-drivable conditions. For example, a BMW brings a higher price than a Honda. A Ford Mustang is worth more than the manufacturer’s popular Taurus.

Vehicles that are still road safe are often sold at wholesale auctions, increasing their value. Un-drivable cars are usually sold for their salvageable parts. Regardless of the vehicle’s condition, you can sell the car for cash in Fort Worth.

Why Choose Cash for Clunkers in Fort Worth? 

Cash for Clunkers in Fort Worth is the fast and easy way to get cash for junk cars in Fort Worth. If you have been searching for “cash for cars near me,” you can rest assured knowing that we have 10 years of experience providing fast, reliable, and credible cash for junk cars.

What else makes us different?

  • We give to Feeding America with every vehicle we purchase.
  • No obligations and no nagging – if you don’t like our offer, simply walk away with no questions asked.
  • Our customers love us! Check out these reviews.
  • Don’t need the cash but need your junker removed? Use our donation option for RVs, boats, motorcycles, cars, and  trucks!

Contact us today and find out what your junker is worth.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.





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