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How to Get Rid of your Old Car in Hayward

Who wants to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how to sell an old car for cash in Hayward? Cash For Clunkers makes tasks like this quick and painless, so you can get money quickly and spend your time doing something more enjoyable in your beautiful city of Hayward.

While there are times when selling a car yourself might be the better option, Cash for Clunkers is always the easiest route to take. We will discuss all the options available to you so that you can make the right choice for your situation.

  • The Not So Easy Ways to Sell Your Junk Car
  • The Easiest Way to Sell Cars for Cash
  • Cash for Cars in Hayward

Cash for Clunkers in Hayward

Downtown Hayward has been home to three town halls over the years, all three of which can still be seen today. The Hayward Area Historical Society’s museum is also located in the downtown area. Along with that, there are two movie theatres, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery, and Hayward is home to one of the longest-running Gay Proms in the United States.

Looking to sell your junk car in Hayward, CA? Get paid cash today.

You will also notice many murals around town. Sponsored by the Hayward Public Art Program, these beautiful building-side paintings started in 2008 to decrease graffiti. Today, they are a beautiful part of the town.

Cash for Clunkers is proud to offer quick and easy cash for cars in Hayward and surrounding areas. Just a few of the benefits we provide include:

  1. Immediate Offer – get it in less than 2 minutes!
  2. Best Cash Offer – we guarantee it!
  3. No obligation – simply walk away if you don’t like our offer without worrying if we will pressure you!
  4. No hassle – we help you with the paperwork, including a lost title!
  5. Fast & Free pick up – we schedule a tow truck for you and pick up your car or truck for free from any location within 24-72 hours!
  6. Feel good – with every car we buy from a customer like you, we donate to Feeding America, so you can get cash in hand and feel good about feeding hungry children and families!

The Not So Easy Ways to Sell Your Junk Car

For most people, a time will come when you have a car you no longer need. Whether it is old, broken down, or has been replaced for an upgrade, there will be “a no longer needed” automobile in your life.

Getting rid of an unwanted car can be a hassle, though. Can you drop it off somewhere? Will someone buy it?

Yes, and yes. Look at a few easy ways you can get rid of your old car in Hayward:

Trade It In

One popular way to get rid of an unwanted car is to trade it in when you purchase a new one. The dealer typically gives you credit toward the purchase price of a new vehicle.

While it is an excellent way to go, there are a few drawbacks. First, the credit offered is usually lower than you would get selling it on your own. Some standards have to be met, as well. For example, a dealership is unlikely to take the junker in your backyard.

Sell It Yourself

Another option is to sell the car on your own. Again, this is going to depend mainly on the condition of the car. To get a reasonable resale price on your automobile, it needs to be in good condition. Recent models typically do better, plus you have to have all the proper paperwork. There is also something to be said for dealing with people you don’t know. Lemon laws indicate that the seller is responsible for repairs on a vehicle that doesn’t pass inspection. Additionally, having the paperwork completed can take time, be confusing, and be a pain in the butt.

Sell It to the State of California

As of 2021, California has implemented the Consumer Assistance Program. This program is designed to help reduce air pollution by buying old “fuel-guzzling” cars from people who can use the money toward a more efficient vehicle.

That being said, some criteria must be met to sell a car to this program. The first is that it has to be drivable. What’s more, the timetable for payment is between six to eight weeks.

Cash for Clunkers pays cash for junk vehicles in Hayward

The Easiest Way to Sell Cars for Cash

Cash for Clunkers is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to sell your old, unwanted junk car in California. We accept any year, make, and model. Not only that, but we also take cars in any condition whether it is running or not.

Getting rid of a used vehicle has never been easier in Hayward, California. It takes less than two minutes to provide the necessary information so we can send you the best offer out there.

If you accept the offer, payment is made within two to three business days. And don’t forget that after we hand over cash when we pick up your vehicle, we also give to Feeding America

What We Buy

Cash for Clunkers buys any type of vehicle, whether it is drivable or not. Regardless of the make, model, year, or condition, we offer the highest price with the least amount of hassle.

Our offers are based on the information provided by the owner. We take cars, trucks, and SUVs. Cars that are rusted, dented, old, and out to pasture are all accepted.

Whether it is out of date or out to pasture, we will pay cash for your car in Hayword.

How It Works

The first step is to gather the vehicle’s paperwork. Next, fill out the easy, two-minute form or call our knowledgeable customer service team. After a few simple questions, an offer will be generated. Keep in mind, even though an offer is provided, you choose whether you will take it or walk away. Cash For Clunkers lets customers think about it or even decide to donate their vehicle through us.

Once the offer is accepted, a friendly agent will schedule a convenient time to come and pick up the car for free.

Cars are inspected on-site to verify the condition. Once complete, a check is handed directly to the customer.

Donate It

Another option with Cash for Clunkers is to donate your car. With us, you can rest assured that your donation will go to a good cause. We partner with reputable organizations that are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. Our quick and easy process makes it easy for you to donate your vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or RV. We accept all types of vehicles and our top priority is providing excellent customer service. 

We work with Wheels for Wishes, which is a leading car donation charity that has helped grant wishes to thousands of children with critical illnesses. To date, they have raised over $73 million through car donations. We also work with Vehicles for Veterans, which helps fund programs that support veterans across the country. By donating your car to Cash for Clunkers, you can be confident that you are making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Get paid cash for your junk car in Hayward

Cash for Cars in Hayward

Cash for Clunkers works with reputable companies in the Hayward area to get the best price for used cars. Our friendly team is available to answer all your questions and get the job done as quickly as possible.

For more information or to get an offer on your unwanted vehicle, check out our easy online form. We provide the biggest payout for used cars guaranteed!





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