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How to Get Cash for My Junk Car?

If you’re one of the many residents in Long Beach, CA, who have decided to upgrade their car to a newer and more fuel-efficient model, you may wonder what to do with your old vehicle. Don’t let it sit there taking up room in your garage when you could make money with junk car removal in Long Beach by Cash for Clunkers!

Selling an old car doesn’t have to be a hassle and time-consuming project. Cash For Clunkers will come to pick up your old car or truck and pay you cash for junk cars in Long Beach on the spot!

We do more than other cash car buyers. For one, Cash for Clunkers donates to Feeding America with every car we buy from customers like you! Keep reading to find out more.

  • Cash for Clunkers Supports the Long Beach Community!
  • What’s the Cash for Cars in Long Beach Process?
  • California’s Cash for Clunkers Program
  • Junk Cars in Long Beach We Take

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Supporting the Long Beach Community

Long Beach is one of the major cities in California. It is best known for its waterfront activities and its shipping port. Long Beach’s shipping port is the second largest in the United States and one of the busiest ports in the world!

Get paid cash for your car in Long Beach!

Many popular attractions in Long Beach revolve around the water, with water sports such as surfing, sailing, and water skiing. Other waterfront landmarks include the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Naples Canals, swan boat rentals at Rainbow Lagoon, The Queen Mary boat, and the Catalina Express.

Have an old car in Long Beach? Sell it to Cash for Clunkers today!

Shoreline Village boasts unique shops and restaurants, a kiddie play area, and live performers and entertainers. The El Dorado Nature Center and the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden are big draws for nature lovers. Long Beach also has the Pike Outlets for shopping and entertainment.

Long Beach hosts the annual Long Beach Marathon, the Congressional Cup sailing event, Catalina Ski Race, and the Grand Prix of Long Beach. The city is also the home of the college baseball team, the Long Beach State 49-ers.

Cash for Clunkers in Long Beach is proud to service this bustling and populous city and help support the community by offering cash for junk cars. This helps the community in more than one way:

  1. We help get old clunkers off the street so that they can be replaced with vehicles that produce less smog. Some of these we send to scrap yards in Long Beach to be crushed and recycled so that they no longer pollute the air.
  2. However, we don’t send all old vehicles to be crushed; for some, we work with local buyers who need the parts for repairs, such as a pick and pull in Long Beach, or who buy gently used cars to resell. This keeps used vehicles in the market meaning that costs for vehicles remain steady.
  3. Every time we buy a car, we give to Feeding America, the country’s largest hunger-relief organization, which means that you get cash in your pocket and you can feel good knowing that you have helped hungry children, veterans, seniors, and families in your community.

What’s the Cash for Junk Cars in Long Beach Process?

Cash for Clunkers makes it easy and quick to sell your old clunker junker. Call us any time or fill out our online form to find out how much your old vehicle is worth and get cash for junk cars in Long Beach that you don’t need. We’ll provide you with a quote in minutes!

Cash for Clunkers pays in cash for junk cars in Long Beach!

We’ll ask you for the following information to get you the best deal:

  • The year, make, and model of your car. We take every age of cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • Your vehicle’s condition. We buy cars in every condition, working or not. The condition will help us determine how much you will get for your car.
  • Your vehicle’s title certification and paperwork. If you can’t find your pink slip with the information, we can look it up in the national database.
  • The vehicle’s current location. With our junk car removal in Long Beach, we can tow your vehicle from anywhere in the area – and throughout the state – for free.

Once we have the information about your vehicle, we will make you a cash offer. Our rates are competitive and more lucrative than selling your car at an auction or to scrap yards in Long Beach. Plus, it’s hassle-free! Even better, you don’t have to take the offer if you don’t like it, and you also don’t have to worry about any pressure from us.

After you accept our offer, we’ll come down to inspect your vehicle and give you cash on the spot for it! We can pick up the vehicle within 24-72 hours, making the whole process quick and easy.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.

California’s Cash for Clunkers Program

The state of California has a California Cash for Clunkers Program, which offers payment for old cars as well. The program originally began as a government program in 2009 to encourage car-owners to trade in their old cars for more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly models. That program offering cash for junk cars lasted only a few weeks.

California, however, does still have its cash for clunkers program. What is the benefit of going through Cash for Clunkers instead of through the government, though? For one thing, the program from the state of California is very limited. They only accept specific vehicles that meet detailed requirements. Many vehicles don’t even qualify for their program.

Additionally, the state’s program takes a long time to process, and it can take weeks for you to receive any money. Whatever they do offer may not match what you can get from Cash for Clunkers.

Going through Cash for Clunkers is quicker, simpler, and a better deal for you all-around.

Junk Cars in Long Beach That We Take

Get cash for junk cars in Long Beach in any condition. Your car doesn’t have to be drivable to make you money. Cash for Clunkers is interested in all types of cars, unlike with a pick and pull in Long Beach.

Sell Used Cars for Cash

What can you do with an old car with too many miles and past its prime? Or maybe it’s gently used but you don’t want the hassle of selling it yourself or to scrap yards in Long Beach? Let us sell it for you!

We’ll offer you a better rate than scrap yards or a salvage yard in Long Beach and will come to pick it up from you – at no cost.

Sell Broken Cars for Cash

Your car may not be worth fixing, but it can make you money. Don’t be so quick to dump your broken car at the nearest scrap yard or pick and pull in Long Beach. Call Cash for Clunkers to find out what it’s worth.

We can use your broken car for parts and recycle the rest of the car’s materials. Make money off your junk!

Cars with a Few Usable Parts

We’ll take your vehicle in any condition. We want the car that you have given up on, even if it’s just for one or two parts. If we can’t use it, we recycle it.

Call Cash for Clunkers from Long Beach Today

Call Cash for Clunkers today for a quote on what you can get for your old clunker!

We have been in the junk car buyers in Long Beach industry for over 12 years and have thousands of satisfied clients. Our customer service makes it simple and fast for you to get rid of your old car – and get paid for it. Sell your junk car for cash today! We’ll pick up your car in any condition from Long Beach.

Are you not local to Long Beach, CA? We can help you too! We service all of California and have partnerships in other cities. Call us at the number below or fill out our anonymous form to find out how much cash for junk cars in Long Beach you can get locally.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.





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