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Junk Removal in Vermont

Are you wondering about vehicle junk car removal Vermont incentives? If you are needing to get rid of a junk car, or even a newer gas guzzler vehicle, then one of the highlights of the updated Vermont Transportation Bill might be in your interest. The  bill, H.433, passed and was approved by the Governor on June 3, 2021. H.433 included increasing of the number of electrical vehicles roaming around Vermont and construction of highways with 680 million dollars of the allocated budget. These electric vehicles have been the thrust of the Biden administration which is to replace gas guzzlers across the country.

Junk removal in Burlington, VT and the rest of the state is designed to improve the quality of vehicles on the road in Vermont.

There are additional funds which are allocated to the potato and meat industry which means the farm-to-market roads are being increased in number and upgrading of the essential and primary infrastructure.

According to an article in the Bennington Banner, Representative Mollie S. Burke is thrilled about the bill. She stated that the bill is starting to move Vermont towards the future of the electrical vehicle that they need. It helps in the reductions of transportation costs for Vermont residents who are mostly of low- and moderate-income status. This incoming Transportation Bill can be a huge economic and environmental aid.

The vehicle junk removal Vermont bill came together fairly easy. According to Representative Timothy Corcoran II, the budget wasn’t “reinventing the wheel.”

Junk car removal in Vermont is incentivized thanks to bills like the updated Vermont transportation bill.

Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

The incentive involves the building up of popular programs to replace outdated and inefficient vehicles and gas guzzlers with electric vehicles. Through the Global Warming Solutions Act, the reduction of greenhouse emissions was estimated at 47 percent. These types of laws are needed. However, Vermont needs to cut down the greenhouse gases from car exhausts, as it is one of the state’s serious problems. This is where the junk removal Vermont bill comes in.


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Wider Eligibility for Junk Removal in Burlington, VT & Beyond

According to the Drive Electric Vermont Program, this bill propagates $2.7 million for purchase incentives for new plug-in electric vehicles and widens the eligibility for the incentive program itself.

The amount awarded depends on the type of EV a Vermont resident buys (hybrid vs. full electric) and also the income level of the resident. The Drive Electric Vermont website provides a table of the wider eligibility updates.

Combine State EV Incentives with Others

The state is now layering other incentives in and around the vehicle junk removal Vermont incentives. Utility incentives provide Vermont residents with rebates and other electric bill incentives that you can combine with the state trade-in incentive. The Federal program provides tax credits based on the battery size of your EV.

Even more incentives might be available through automakers and dealers. This can help your incentive money to go much further and possibly provide you with a better electric vehicle than you thought possible!

Junk removal in Vermont lets you take advantage of additional opportunities sponsored by the government.

Infrastructure Concerns

Whether you are dealing with combustion engines or electrically-driven motors, the residents of Vermont may face the same problem of bridges and highways carrying trucks and cars which might need maintenance. However, the junk removal Vermont Transportation Bill helps with this problem as well.

The new bill was scheduled to add 3 million to cities’ and towns’ construction funds. It also allocated a little over 1 million for Class 2 road classification and road structure.


All over the country, the quest for ways on how to deal with reducing greenhouse emissions is evident. Thankfully, with programs like the increased vehicle junk removal Vermont program, we are well on our way to success.

If you are looking for junk car removal outside of Vermont or are a Vermont resident who is not eligible for the state trade-in incentives, check out Cash for Clunkers. We provide the best cash deals for junk car removal and free towing! Plus we help you with all of the tricky paperwork. Check us out today for a no-obligation, instant quote!






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