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John Rush

John Rush

Automotive Content Accuracy Auditor


  • Automotive Technical Proficiency
  • Auto Radio Host


With over four decades of experience, John Rush is a highly accomplished business owner and an esteemed business coach in the automotive field. His journey in the vehicle world began in 1978 when he began working at his grandfather’s car dealership, Rush Motors. John immersed himself in every aspect of dealership operations, gathering invaluable expertise.

After the dealership’s sale, John and his father embarked on a new venture, founding John’s 4×4 Center. Although he sold the business in 2012, John’s passion for the auto industry remained undiminished. He continues to be an active consultant and coach for fellow shop owners, sharing his extensive knowledge.

John holds prestigious ASE Technician certifications, including L1 & X1, and boasts extensive experience as an ASE Service Advisor and Parts Specialist. He also holds the esteemed Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) designation.

A seasoned radio host since 1998, John is the voice behind popular podcast shows such as Drive Radio, Rush To Reason, Fix It Radio, and Ready Radio.

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