Cash for Clunkers

Tara Hornor

Tara Hornor



  • Cash for Clunkers Program
  • Selling Junk Cars Consultant


Tara Hornor is an experienced writer and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. Tara has an impressive portfolio of over 2,000 published articles on the web. With a master’s degree in English, she has perfected her craft and carved her niche in writing.

After a 6 year hiatus to teach her 2 children at home, Tara is now oiling her writing gears once again. She allegedly has moved her desk into the home office to work with her husband on schemes for bringing more good into the world with their business,

Tara chose to write for Cash for Clunkers after the crazy hassle of trying to help her brother sell his 2003 Impala. By sharing her experience, she hopes to help others avoid such a long and painful process in selling and donating their junk cars.

Published author: Vandelay Design, Sitepoint, Smashing Magazine, SBBC, UX Booth


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