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Written byTara HornorUpdated - November 22, 2023
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Aircheck Texas Financial Assistance for Texas Clunkers

The AirCheck Texas program gives assistance to drivers across the state whose vehicles have failed to meet the new stringent air quality standards imposed by the EPA. Drivers can apply for financial assistance in having their current vehicles repaired in order to meet the new standards. AirCheck Texas is available for drivers whose vehicles that have failed the Texas state emissions inspection within the last 30 days and are registered in the following counties: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant.

(Note: If your car? is not running and you wish to get rid of it you may wish to contact a private Texas clunker car buyer.)

Additionally, the drivers will need to meet strict income requirements in order to receive a voucher. For example, a family of four would need a household income of less than $71,550 per year in order to qualify for the program. Income will be determined using the Adjusted Gross Income on the family’s most recent federal income tax return.

If a family does receive a voucher, they will need to bring the vehicle and the voucher to one of the participating dealerships or repair facilities that can be found listed on the AirCheck Texas website. If the vehicle is repaired at a non-participating facility, or if the repairs are made before the voucher is received, no reimbursement will be offered. It is important that drivers who receive a repair voucher adhere to the requirements that are included.

While the state funds for vehicle replacement vouchers for 2014 have already been exhausted, drivers may be able to once again apply for a replacement vehicle under the AirCheck Texas program next year. There will again be vehicle and income requirements for this part of the program, and funds are expected to be exhausted quickly. Depending on the type of vehicle the driver is replacing, they may qualify for either a $3,000 voucher or a $3,500 voucher.

If you wish to apply for the program you may download the application on the AirCheck Texas website, or visit a local inspection station or repair facility. Once completed, the application may be mailed or faxed to the AirCheck Texas program along with proper documentation of income for all adults in the household. This may include:

  • Copy of the household’s 2013 income tax return;
  • Copy of each adult’s most recent W-2;
  • Paystubs containing a year-to-date earned amount;
  • Letter of benefits from the unemployment office;
  • Documentation that verifies household participation in the Food Stamp, DHS, or Lite-Up Texas programs;
  • A written statement of unemployment from the unemployed persons in the household.

Drivers will also need to send a copy of the failing Vehicle Inspection Report from the participating inspection station. Once completed, applications are generally processed within 10 business days.

(Note: If your car? is not running and you wish to just get rid of it you may wish to contact a private Texas clunker car buyer.? They will offer you some amount of cash for your car no matter the condition and will usually tow it away at no cost. )





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