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Will Cash for Clunkers be Revived Under Biden in 2021?

Joe Biden’s has made it very clear he will be taking a Firm Stance on Electric Vehicles. Likely to Guarantee Stability for the Automotive Industry

Owing to climate change and other factors, there has been a lot of buzz around electric vehicles or EVs as they are popularly known. With President-Elect Joe Biden taking charge of America, there is a strong possibility that EVs will dominate the automotive industry as a whole.

Cash for Clunkers and Climate Change 


President Biden’s Stance on Electric Vehicles 

Back in 2016, when President Donald Trump took office, automakers looked up to him to take some of the heat off them when it comes to fuel-economy standards set by former President Barack Obama. The problem was that Trump agreed to their requests, but went further than anticipated, triggering a barrage of lawsuits from California and other states. The automotive industry has definitely faced a lot of uncertainty since then, but things are about to change now that Joe Biden has been announced as the winner of the 2020 presidential race.

Biden had already made his stance on EVs known back in July, when he was contesting the elections. He announced a Cash for Clunkers–type plan that offered rebates to trade in less efficient vehicles for EVs manufactured in the United States. His vision is to replace the current government’s fleet of vehicles with EVs. Automakers like Ford, Rivian, Tesla, Lordstown, and GM are certainly going to be thrilled if this program comes to fruition as they are ardently expanding their EV division in America.

However, Joe Biden has a fondness for older cars as he owns a 1967 Corvette Stingray convertible and uses it to drag race former Secretary of State Colin Powell, so those who fear the government might forcibly replace old cars with EVs shouldn’t worry!

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What is if the trade-in scheme isn’t successful? Can Cash for Clunkers be an Option?

There is always a possibility of the trade-in scheme not materializing, but switching to EVs from current government fleets is going to be immensely beneficial for EV investments automakers have made in the past few years and plan to make for the future. If Biden does follow through to support EVs at a government level, can help bolster investment in the technology.

What about emissions guidelines and how it affect the cash for clunkers industry?

Biden already has plans in place to work with states to formulate stricter emissions guidelines when it comes to internal-combustion engines. Traditional vehicles are going to be more environment-friendly, but costlier as well. However, it means less uncertainly for automakers if they have a single national plan to work with, rather than navigating a web of complex regulations.

Ford has been openly supportive about President-Elect Biden’s policies that encourage U.S. manufacturing, sustainability, and global economic stability. Even GM’s vice president of electric and autonomous programs, Ken Morris, sounded very hopeful about the Biden administration. He said that they look forward to work in support of policies that foster greater adoption of EVs across all 50 states and encourage investments in R&D and manufacturing. Biden is also likely to relax at least some tariffs on international parts, which is even more good news for all automakers, because manufacturing a vehicle is largely dependant on a global supply chain.

As climate change is a growing global concern, and automobile emissions are a looming threat seen my many that can’t be neglected any longer. Furthermore, the future of cash for clunkers industry will be significantly affected by the one who is in the presidency. Establishing the groundwork for all-electric zero-emissions future is an important goal of this new administration.

All of these factors must be considered in order to achieve a common ground with the efforts towards human progress and slowing down the effects of climate change.

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