How to Get Cash for a Junk Car?

cash for junk cars
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Convert Your Junker Cars to Cash

Do you know you can convert your Junker car to money?

If you have a Junker you no longer use, why not exchange it for cash?

Cash for Clunkers buys junk cars and also make arrangements for a junk car removal truck at no extra cost.

Many people today are willing to dispose-off their car but find it difficult. While your junk cars may no longer run, they may still contain some valuable and working parts. When you send your old car to the junkyard, you recover some money. Besides the opportunity to earn back some cash from your old car sale, you also get back your space.

Before proceeding to call a towing truck and junk your old car, there are certain things you need to know about junking your car.

While there are many market places you can exchange your junk cars for cash, the process can be a bit tasking. However, with the right tips, the process can be a lot easier. We will show you some of the right steps on how to exchange your junk cars for cash.

Cash for Junk Cars | Top Tips For Junking Your Car

Once you have made up your mind to get rid of your junk car, we are available to help you make the process easy. Ensure to remove all of your belonging from the car before junking.

Many people are fond of keeping personal belongings like insurance cards, identity cards, jewelry, and other valuables in their cars. Therefore, give the car a thorough check to ensure you remove all valuable personal belongings. Check our our top 15 tips for junking a car.


Ensure to remove all valuable Parts before Junking Your Car

The main reason why you want to junk your old car is to make some cash from it. Therefore, before you invite the junkyard, ensure that you take out any parts that may still be useful or valuable. Removing and selling the valuable parts can be a way to earn more money from your junking deal.

Auto parts like the wheels, the starter motor, the batteries, the car stereo system, and the alternators are often reusable. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to take these parts out before junking the car.

Depending on the junkyard services of your choice, some will be willing to handle this process for you. They can help you maximize value by telling you the functional parts to remove from your car before junking.

Junkyards make cars old cars ready for recycling as scrap metals. Therefore, any valuable parts that enter the junkyard will be regarded as waste and destroyed during the process.

Ensure You Have All the Paper Works for Your Car Available For Best Deal

While it is possible to junk your car without the legal documents of ownership, it might not be in your best interest. It is always better to ensure you make all the paper documents available. You might also be required to present proof of ownership for the junk car.

Having all your ownership documents beforehand makes selling your junk cars easier. Besides, it also helps you to relinquish all the responsibilities regarding the car to the junkyard. In situations such as vehicular theft, you won’t have to deal with the cops strolling up and down your residence for investigation.

We understand that sometimes, the junk car in question might have been sitting around for decades, and you can no longer find the paper. It’s quite understandable, and all hope is not lost. You can request another copy from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area. Also, you can find out more about the state requirements for junk car titles.

In some places, you might not necessarily require any form of documentation to be able to scrap a junk car that exceeds over a certain number of years. A good example is Vermont, where you don’t need any documentation for junk cars over 15 years.

Remove Your License Plate and Keep it Safe

Remember to remove your license plate from your car before sending it to the junkyard. You don’t know when you might need it again. The truth is, if you need to cancel your title, you may be required to bring the license plate along to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is essential to request the basic requirements earlier before your final decision.

In many countries, removing the license plate is an essential requirement for vehicle transfer of ownership.


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Remember to Cancel Your Car Insurance Policy

It is often common for car owners to forget to cancel their car insurance policy the moment the car stops running. In the bit of the excitement to sell a junk car, many people forget to call their insurance company to cancel their vehicle insurance policy that no longer runs.

You must inform the insurance company of your plans. Inform them of all the changes that have occurred since your last visit. Ensure that you let them that you wish to junk your old car and as such will no longer need a policy for the car. If you fail to inform the insurance company about the situation, you might end up paying unnecessary recurrent bills on the insurance policy.

In the situation where you have already paid for some set of months, for an insurance policy, you might be lucky to get a refund of the difference. That means you are getting back more cash on the junk car than you expected.

Talking to your insurance agent is a very important step. It a very strategic business move that can earn you promotions and valuable deals down the line.

Do Your Backyard Research before Selecting A Junkyard

Don’t just jump into junking your car without proper background research. It is important to check all the options using the same fair standards. Remember that your car contains different parts and you could receive different price offers for it from different dealers. Therefore, it is important to search for the best deal before proceeding to sign the papers. It is also important to know how much your car is worth as it will give you a better idea of how to sell your car for the best price.

Note that, selling your car to a brokerage firm or the dealership offers you the lowest price for your car. There are two important things to keep in mind if you want to sell your junk car for the best value. Consider how much body damagethe car has incurred over the years and also the rough estimate of the car currently.

Knowing the current estimate of the car will help you know the best price to give off the junk to an auto salvage yard. Before proceeding to finalize a deal with a buyer, request their towing services. Some companies may offer free towing services to their clients. Getting a good dealer who can tow your car away from its current location will save you a lot in monetary terms. It will also save you the responsibility of trying to find a removal car, trucks, or van for your junk cars.

In case your choice of company does not offer free towing services, you can go ahead and inquire how much you stand to gain if you handle the towing services yourself. While it’s always best to allow the company to handle the towing responsibilities, doing it privately may also be in your best interest sometimes.

Ensure the Junk Car Dealer is Properly Licensed

In some states, junk car dealers must have the proper license and certification to operate. Carrying out this investigation is worth it and keeps you on the safe side when carrying out business transactions.

If you are in states where proper licensing and registration are required for junk car dealers, you must request this license. You can easily find this information online for states with just a few clicks. Dealing with a licensed dealer ensures your protection during the business transaction and saves you from unnecessary liabilities.

In case you fall into the hands of a shady deal, it is difficult to pursue any legal terms since the dealer does not have a proper license, and tracking him will be more difficult. The truth is, licensed dealers are more reputable and trustworthy to deal with than unlicensed dealers. Dealing with professionals ensures that you get the paper works done accurately and makes the job easier for you.

In some countries, you might face legal processions for carrying out businesses with unlicensed junk car dealers. Therefore, you must gather all the necessary information you require before closing a deal with a junkyard dealer.

Inquire About the Non-Metallic Parts of the Car

Because your car has many plastic parts, including your car seats, sun visors, etc. Most junkyards are not interested in those none metallic parts and prefer that you strip them before bringing the car to the junkyard. Asking a few questions about what a junkyard prefers is very important and saves you a lot of time on closing in the deal. If a junkyard prefers only the metal frame, get rid of everything that is not metallic which is attached to the frame of your car. Doing this can land you a quicker deal.

When removing the non-metallic car parts, it is always important to remember care should be taken with some parts. For instance, the gasket requires more care to remove. Remember to dispose of all unused car parts accordingly to avoid unnecessary hazards. It is best to hire a mechanic to take care of the stripping process, this ensures that work is completed to satisfaction. Of course, the service is not free, but you will be sure that the work is done.

Have An Understanding of the scaled pricing for Junk Cars

The standard for purchasing junk cars is usually by weight scale. Most junkyard dealers usually have a set amount according to the weight of your car. The irony of using the weight payment system is that your old broken down SUV will be sometimes more valuable than your brand new SUV in the garage.

Calculating the scale and pricing should be a straight forward process. However, you need to be careful with junkyard dealers. It will surprise you to notice that different junkyard dealers may use different types of scales for their business.

Most importantly, ensure to take note of faulty scales and scales that have been tampered with by the dealer. A faulty or bad scale can affect how much you will earn from your transaction. Once you notice that a scale is faulty or tampered with, do not hesitate to visit another dealer. It is safer to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable firm that relies only on a certified scale for their business.


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