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Written byTara HornorUpdated - October 25, 2023
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How to Get Cash for Junk Cars and Feed America

If you own a vehicle that’s seen better days, don’t despair – there’s a chance to make some cash and help a good cause in the process! connects owners of old, inefficient vehicles with interested, local buyers. In addition to providing an easy way to get cash for junk cars, we also support Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief charity. So by selling your car through us, you can not only make some money but also help feed American families in need. 

Find out more about how you can get cash for cars quickly and easily while also providing meals to hungry people in your very city.

  • How It Works
  • Why We Donate
  • Other Donation Options

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How it Works

Maybe you aren’t sure how to get rid of your junker – or maybe you don’t have time to mess with it – but you could really use the cash. We take care of everything for you so that getting cash for junk cars is the easiest and fastest money you’ve ever made! And now we go that extra step and support Feeding America with every car that we buy.

You might be wondering exactly how this works if we are buying a car from you. Well just like other car buying businesses out there, Cash for Clunkers works with local companies interested in used cars or parts to resale or use in repairs. We provide a service to you (taking your old car off your hands quickly, easily, and for the best price guaranteed), and we also provide a service to local companies (getting them the used cars or parts that they need). This is how we make a profit.

Yet, Cash for Clunkers isn’t like other car buying businesses who want to make a quick buck. We also want to make a difference. This is why we are now donating a portion of our profits to Feeding America. This means that you can feel good knowing that you aren’t just getting quick cash yourself. You are a part of helping us to provide meals to hungry children and families across the nation…perhaps right in your community.

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Why We Donate

At Cash for Clunkers, we are already pleased with what we do – after all, we help clean up the environment by getting gas-guzzlers off the road and recycling parts. However, we want to do more to help those in need. This is why we support Feeding America. 

As the largest hunger-relief non-profit in the US, Feeding America is actively helping to end hunger by making sure that 98% of all donations goes toward helping people in need. Over 40 million hungry children, seniors, and families have food thanks to the work from Feeding America and the numerous food and grocery programs they provide.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.

Over 34 million Americans, 9 million of whom are children, are food insecure, which means that their access to enough food to live a healthy life is inconsistent at best. Many families who struggle with food insecurity do not qualify for government assistance, so they rely on food banks and other food assistance programs for help. Feeding America works hard to make sure that every dollar provides 10 meals to those who need help.

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Other Donation Options

Feeding America is not the only donation option that we provide here at Cash for Clunkers. If you don’t need cash for your junk car, you can just donate your junk car, no matter the condition. The difference is that you won’t receive the cash for your car; instead, the cash that you would be receiving goes to a vetted charity of your choosing. 

When you donate a car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle with Cash for Clunkers, you get to choose from two different legitimate organizations: Wheels for Wishes and Vehicles for Veterans. Both of these charities are funded through the Car Donation Foundation; check out reviews of how this organization has truly helped critically ill children receive wishes and veterans receive the help they need.

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We are proud here at Cash for Clunkers that we have been making the best offers on junkers for over 10 years. We are proud that we make the process simple and fast for our clients. We are proud that we take donations for two vetted charities. 

Now we are also proud that we help Feeding America with every car we buy. This means that you can also feel good while making easy cash. So take the time to fill out the online form or give us a call, and know that when you get cash for junk cars from us, you are helping fellow Americans in need.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through the provided links.





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