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Written byTara HornorUpdated - November 29, 2023
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Cash for Clunkers Considerations

Should the government really stir and decide on the revival of Cash for Clunkers, this program could give up to a $4,500 rebate for qualifying old trucks and cars. As seasoned automotive journalist Matt DeLorenzo points out in his article on the Kelley Blue Book blog, it could cause some confusion for owners as to the best move for how to answer their question: how to get rid of cars for cash near me. They will have to determine if their car qualifies for the program, according to DeLorenzo, or if they want to trade it in or bring it to the junkyard.

The Cash Allowance Rebate System (CARS) is one of the stimulus programs by the Obama administration and is now possibly being revived by the Biden administration. In the past CARS program, the government gave around $4,500 to the car owners of vehicles which were up to 25 years old and still in good running condition, a combined fuel economy of less than 18 mpg, and was replaced by a newer version of a vehicle which got more than 22 mpg.

If you want to know more about the Cash Allowance Rebate System (CARS), you may want to read this blog on the details.

cars for cash

Should you be wondering how to come up with ideas on how to find solutions for your cars for cash near me inquiry, then a new Cash for Clunkers program could be one choice to consider. As DeLorenzo points out, this may be similar to the first one, except that more than likely the latest version of the program may require owners to purchase electrically powered vehicles instead of the gas guzzlers hitting the American highways on a daily basis.

However, there are plenty of other considerations for “cars for cash near me”, even if the program doesn’t become reality. The primary concern is figuring out if the car you own is worth more than what the government wants to provide you with. A primary step you need to take in researching for this is the utilization of the used vehicle valuations on the Kelley Blue Book website.

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If you know how to determine the value of your vehicle, and if it is below $4,500 or beyond the maximum cap in reference to the rebate, you are given three choices: keep the car, trade it in, or scrap it if the car happens to be not running so well. And if you determine that scrapping your cars for cash near me is the best option, the representatives at can you help you with this endeavor.

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Clunkers are quite an eyesore for most of us. However, recently with the awesome updates about the Cash for Clunkers program being revived by the Biden admin, you might as well rethink ways on how to really get the most money out of the clunker you have in your yard.  Let us delve into each of the options below:

Keeping the Clunker 

Keeping the Clunker

Instead of opting for the scrapping cars for cash near me remedy, you might want to keep your clunker. If your car or truck is almost near the $4,500 price ceiling and it runs smoothly and reasonably, then by all means you can keep using it. As vehicles of similar vintage value hit the junkyards, the market value of the car or truck will most likely increase.

The government’s program would require that the vehicles run. Once you have turned the vehicle in, the yard will chop down the engine into various parts. They will salvage the usable spare parts and will definitely shred the car into pieces.

Remember one thing when you are opting to keep your clunker: the main consideration is the present condition of the vehicle. Check if the unit has been properly maintained. Have you bought new tires? Or replaced the brakes? Or completed any form of major overhaul or repair? If you have invested a lot of money in the vehicle, then it could be best to continue driving the vehicle until it needs another major repair.

However, if your car’s transmission is breaking down, major parts are needed for the cooling system, or the engine needs major repairs, you will soon run out of money in keeping the car up and running. You can estimate what are the potential out-of-the-pocket expenses are by following the Kelley Blue Book’s Service and Repair tool.

Trading in Your Clunker 

Keeping the Clunker

Another option is to do a trade-in if the Cash for Clunkers program revives. When you have plenty of big ticket repairs, then you may find the $4,500 rebate a lucrative offer. However, as DeLorenzo points out, you have to validate on the value of the vehicle in order to determine what the real benefit of the money will be. For instance, when you have a vehicle that is worth $3,800, the net gain is almost $700.

But you also have to keep in mind that when you trade in the car, it is operational and runs smoothly. Also, scrapping your specific make and model means increasing the value. If the new program allows you to retain the value of the scrap value of your car, then this is also something to consider as it would mean extra money.

Scrapping Cars for Cash Near Me

Keeping the Clunker

This decision is an easy one, especially if your clunker is not running at all. You simply need to find the best price for your clunker and the cheapest way to get it to the junkyard. But are you wondering, where do I start in getting rid of my cars for cash near me? This is where you’ll want to check out No matter where in the continental U.S. you live, we can help.

Not to be confused with the not yet revived program, at Cash for Clunkers, we provide you with an instant quote at the best price guaranteed. If your car isn’t running, no worries! We send a tow truck your way at no extra cost. Once the tower arrives at your property, you get cash in your hands on the spot!

All we need to get started are a few details on your make and model and current condition of your clunker. If you don’t like our quote, simply don’t take it. Visit us today to get a quote for your clunker right away!





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