About Cash for Clunkers

CashforClunkers.org is a private news blog and information site and is not related to, endorsed by or managed by any government or agency. Cashforclunkers.org contains articles, press releases and legislation on CARS (aka Cash for Clunkers) legislation.

Currently in 2020 the Cash for Clunkers (CARS) federal funding has been depleted  however California and Texas offer state and local buyback or emission repair assistance and there are private buyers that need cars from every state and will pay cash for clunkers, junk cars, scrap cars and gas guzzlers from all years and models. The corona virus is hitting new car sales hard so there my be a new Cash for Clunkers program on the way in 2020.

Unlike the original CARS program, these new private buyers do not require consumers to purchase a car to get rid of their clunker car. These car buyers operate locally in all 50 US states and can be reached via telephone. Note: Private buyers are not affiliated or owned by any US Government agency and are able to provide an estimate of value for your clunker for free via telephone.

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