What is the California Vehicle Retirement Program?

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If you are from California, then you have likely heard of the California Vehicle Retirement Program. This is unofficially referred to as “Cash for Clunkers”. It is under the administration of the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) which allocates incentives to retiring unwanted, old, or junk vehicles across the state.

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California Vehicle Retirement Program 2021

The State of California has made a vehicle retirement scheme which will is also known as BAR ((Bureau of Automotive Repair) and CAP (Consumer Assistance Program). This is done by California suggesting to buy the clunkers. This program aims to promote clean air by the removal of run-down and rotting vehicles still operational in California.

The Vehicle Buy Back Program will offer this scheme to both low- and above-income vehicle owners with a flat rate ranging from $1500 and $1000 correspondingly. This California Vehicle Retirement program is geared towards the improvement of the air quality in California.

Basically, the CAP (Consumer Assistance Program) is available in several locations across California. In addition to this California vehicle retirement program operated by BAR and run by the state government, there are similarly available to local vehicle retirement programs in a few chosen areas through local air districts.

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Length of process

 Basically, the approximate time it will take for the entire process (upon giving the request and receiving the payment) for the California vehicle retirement is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Local California car buyers are purchasing both running and non-running cars and will be able to pay within 2 or 3 days.


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If you are looking into saying goodbye to your old car, you will need to make sure that you and your car meets the following requirements to qualify for the California vehicle retirement or BAR program:

Owner requirements

  • Make sure you are the registered owner of the vehicle. It must be issued and registered to a person, not a firm or business, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.
  • The applicant must have a gross income of less than or equivalent to 225% of the Federal poverty level.
  • You must not have retired another vehicle as a sole owner OR must not have retired more than 2 vehicles as a joint owner within the past 12 months.

Vehicle requirements

  • The vehicle must be a passenger type. This can be an SUV, truck, or van with a gross weight of not exceeding 10,000 pounds
  • For you to qualify for the California Vehicle Retirement Program or CAP, you should make sure that the car is functioning well. One important thing to remember: the car must be able to work without a jump or without the use of external boost batteries and starting fluids.
  • The vehicle must have an updated registration with the DMV, with a complete and valid unexpired registration sticker, or settled all fees to the DMV and have registered within 120 days or more.
  • The vehicle must be registered continuously for the past 2 years and must not have expired for more than 120 days. This comes with an exception – the car must have been used in California and is not registered in any country or state.

For further information and detail please reference our video guide:

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Options other than BAR

If you don’t qualify for the California vehicle retirement program or need cash faster than the state can provide, you do have another option. Through Cash for Clunkers, you can sell your car for cash with fewer requirements than California has, and you get your cash in just a couple of days, sometimes in 24-48 hours!

Don’t live in the state of California? No problem! Cash for Clunkers puts you in touch with local buyers. Not only that, but we send a tow truck to you at no extra cost and give you the cash right away upon pick up! So even cars that no longer run qualify.

Cash for Clunkers provides a no-obligation, instant quote immediately. If you decide to take our offer (a top offer, by the way), we have a checklist for pre-selling requirements to help.

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Cash for Clunkers also offers reliable services related to buying used or junk cars. Should you be interested in used cars and making money from it, please visit, call now, or get an instant quote from Cash for Clunkers for more information.





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