Ford Sees Talks With U.S. on Cash for Clunkers-Like Stimulus

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Manufacturer’s Discuss Cash for Clunker-Like Package


Everything circles back. Looks like we may be expecting news on a Federal program this summer possibly. The COVID19 Corona virus is killing new car sales. This has Washington DC considering a new car buying stimulus plan .

Ford Expects Talks with US on Clunker like Stimulus 

“We think some level of stimulus somewhere on the other side of this would help not only the auto industry and our dealers, which are a huge part of our overall economy, but will help the customers as well,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford’s vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service, in a phone interview with Bloomberg.

Ford Wants a New Cash for Clunker Program

Ford thinks something similar is possible

As the coronavirus slams the economy, Ford suggests a similar stimulus program will be necessary.

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Top Manufacturer Support Stimulus Program

Ford Motor Co. would like the U.S. government to sponsor an automotive stimulus program to help the industry get back on its feet after the coronavirus crisis abates.

Manufacturer Talk Cash for Clunker Stimulus 

Ford expects stimulus talks with U.S. government

Ford is expecting to talk with the U.S. government about an automotive stimulus package to help the industry get back on track once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Stimulus Talks with Ford 

Vehicle Sales Plunge by 5.5 Million Units, Most Since 1987

Vehicle Sales Plunge 

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