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How Often Should you get an Oil Change

One of the most important routine services for your vehicle is an oil change. When your engine oil isn’t clean, the contaminants in the oil can cause the engine to get dirty and eventually overheat. Just filling up your oil reservoir isn’t enough; a full oil change is the only way to keep the engine running cleanly and smoothly.

oil change

Why is an oil change necessary?

The significance of an oil change service all boils down to the prevention of engine trouble. Once the engine begins to overheat, you could be faced with some major, expensive repairs. When the oil is contaminated with dirt, dust, and other particles from the environment, you are putting your engine oil at risk for developing “ sludge”. This can definitely create unwanted friction which will initiate combustion or fire within the engine itself causing overheating and serious damage.

oil change

In order for you to determine the cost of an oil change, you need to figure out how often you need to get the oil change service for your car or truck. Basically, all you have to do is understand that whenever your oil has lost the ability to provide lubrication and protection for the engine against friction, overheating, and breaking down, that is the time you need to change your oil. However, there are some drivers who are unaware of it. Thus, they ate still looking for ways on how to know when that situation is happening with their units. So, the question is still up, how do you find out about the levels of your oil?

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How often to get an oil change?

Many mechanics recommend that, in general, you get your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. However, every vehicle is different, so depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you might need to change your oil only every 5,000 miles. The following are some ways to determine how often is best for you to get an oil change:

Read the car manual

One of the easiest ways to determine how often your car needs an oil change is by simply looking through the manual of the car. If you no longer have the manual, look it up online as most manufacturers provide an online manual.

Ask your lube specialist

Once you find out the recommended oil change frequency from the manual, you can then ask a specialist how often they recommend service. The total mileage on a car, the condition of the engine, and other factors all affect how often you should get the oil changed. A specialist will be able to make the best recommendation for your specific vehicle.

Type of oil used

Some brands and types of motor oil last longer than others. Conventional motor oil, while the least expensive, will require you to follow the typical frequency of oil change recommended for your vehicle. If you’d like to visit your lube specialist less often, then you could opt for a synthetic blend, synthetic, or high-mileage motor oil.

oil change

Can I overdo an oil change?

While changing your oil too often won’t harm your vehicle in any way, why go to the trouble? Change your oil too often and you are looking at unnecessary costs and also wasting good oil. Once you find out the best frequency of oil changes for your vehicle, stick with it until your lube specialist says you need to do otherwise.

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