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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator Fan

For those who would want to know more about radiator fan and how to go about it troubleshooting it. Generally, the radiator fan is really significant and an essential part of any vehicle.

In reality, the radiator fan is a vital and significant part of any vehicle. It has the important role of keeping the coolant at a lower temperature when it gets hot. The coolant will circulate between the engine coolant chamber and the radiator. Thus, it heats up obviously as it appears to absorb the heat from the engine. The radiator fan will prevent the coolant to acquire heat, as this can lead to serious concerns.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator Fan

How Can I tell if my radiator fan is not working?

The cooling fan may wear out due to excessive usage or simply due to wear and tear. This may not last for a long time, it cannot continue to run effectively without much care. When the radiator fan begins to fail, you will experience several signs which will indicate that the system will require replacement and repair.

There are tall tale signs which indicate that the radiator fan is going bad. This part of the article will discuss the various ways of identifying a bad radiator fan:

The engine bay produces a whirring noise. The radiator fan is making a noticeably weird noise while operating. The noise being made by the engine of the cooling fan activates the fan for quick movement. The whirring sound can be heard while sitting inside the car before you start the car engine. If there is no whirring sound, the radiator fan may have failed and must be taken to the mechanic as soon as possible.

Rising temperature in the gauge. If the radiator fan is not functioning well, the coolant does not cool down. Eventually, the hot coolant will continue to circulate between the radiator and the engine which will heat up the engine. The rising temperature will be detected by the thermostat which will trigger the increase in the temperature gauge on the dashboard of the car.

For the record, the increasing temperature can cause the engine to experience seizures which will require a lot of expenses to repair the damage.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator Fan

The coolant evaporates. The coolant can really evaporate and boil if the engine temperature is not kept. The radiator is the one responsible for keeping track of the temperature of the car’s coolant. However, if any malfunctioning happens, the coolant may dissolve or evaporate into thin air.

Repair and Testing of the Radiator Fan

There are three major electrical components that give this performance: the resistor, the fan motor, and the relay. Should a problem occur on any of these three components will lead to a problem with the radiator fan. So, it is best to test the veracity before any repair has to be done.

Radiator Fan Replacement Cost

In general, repair of radiator fan is not that expensive. Although they involve the repair of the vehicle’s electrical circuit. However, if the fan blades are broken and the resistor has been burnt. You should expect you will incur plenty of expenses.

  • Resistors may cost around $50 to $80, depending on the quality.
  • The engine repair may cost $300 to $700 depending on the vehicle, model year, and availability.

The motor of the cooling fan is the largest of the three primary components of the cooling fan. Thus, it will incur most of the expenses. However, the biggest concern is the replacement of the parts of your old or used cars.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Radiator Fan

We at Cash for Clunkers do encourage our members to be responsible for taking care of their cars. To achieve a safer ride and driving experience, these articles involving a radiator fan and various parts of the cars are very useful and practical.

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