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Most modern cars, do have intricate and really high-end dashboards. One of the best things about these cars is their safety features and warning indicators. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood is the “CAR ENGINE LIGHT”. For those car owners, this “CAR ENGINE LIGHT” is not solely dedicated to engine-related problems. Guess what, this indicator can also help you recognize transmission problems right before it goes out of hand.  

What transmission problems a check engine light can tell?

  Your car’s “ENGINE LIGHT” is not meant for alarming you with engine-related concerns alone. Actually, there are various problems with your car which the engine light can alarm you of including the following:  
  • Slipping transmission
  • Speed sensor
  • Solenoid concerns
  • Overheating
transmission All you have to do is secure the trouble codes to check what your car circuits and systems are indicative of brewing car trouble. There are plenty of reasons why the check engine light indicator lights up. Although there are plenty of functions by which your car’s main engine computer controls. This would include when and how the transmission gears will shift.   As you can see there are vehicles from 2012, that would signal the driver that there is a possible transmission problem before it blows off out of proportion and would require an expensive trip to the car shop.


What will you do after the transmission light turns on and lights up?

There are certain cars and trucks which have been built with the actual thing in terms of the transmission light, there are vehicles that will inform the driver by utilizing an existing warning light like the traction control and service lights. You might need to read through your car’s manual to determine how the computer of the main engine alerts you of any arising transmission problem. Some lights will either flash on and off or may remain steady until the trouble has been sorted out.

Transmission oil

You should check the fluid first!

One of the very first things that you need to do once the transmission warning light is turned on, it is best to check the transmission fluid. There are a few car models and brands which do have sealed transmission. Yet, there are cars that come with a dipstick that will be used for checking the engine oil level. This way, you can effectively check the transmission fluid level if you need to.   Before you go checking the transmission fluid, there are cars that should be warmed up first and keep it running while you check the transmission fluid. Thus, you need to be more careful and read the car’s manual on how to correctly carry the procedure out.   When the fluid is low, you only have to add fluid as specified by the car’s manufacturer to avoid further transmission troubles. If the transmission light is still on after you added the fluid while you drove a few miles, there must be another concern that you need to address. transmission There are various reasons why your transmission light warning comes on. However, one thing is for sure, the transmission light aims to prevent the car trouble to be addressed right away before everything goes beyond repair.   Other symptoms of check engine light indicator:  
  • The transmission temperature may be a concern if the car’s light comes on before the car has been warmed up before its operational temperature.
  • A loose transmission wiring or bare wire will cause the transmission light to flicker especially on bumpy and rough roadways.
  These  car concerns do not require a transmission light to indicate a  car concern:
  • Erratic or harsh shifting
  • Not shifting gears from first gear instantly
  • Transmission fluid smells burnt and appears to be too dark
transmission At Cash for Clunkers we recommend that you should pay attention to your car’s warning and alarm systems. This can definitely help you in maintaining your vehicle for the long haul. Plus, if you plan to sell your car in the future, you will get better deals for well-maintained vehicles. Keep that in mind!    

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