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Modern-day cars have really fancy-looking dashboards. All the lights and buttons on the service will come to your rescue if anything comes up. If your car is having some problem, these lights will serve as alarms to alert you about it. Unfortunately, not all drivers are familiar with these dashboard lights and gizmos. That includes your transmission light! It is safe to say that all the lights and stuff in the dashboard is for safety purpose. These lights help you navigate through the daily road you travel. It is a must that you understand what these alarms and signals stand for. You do not have to be intimidated or scared about these beeping lights on your car’s dashboards. All you have to do understand these alarms and how to deal with them accordingly. transmission light

Transmission Warning Signs 

On the other hand, there are drivers who are quite familiar with the dashboard lights and how they work. The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT may turn on for various problems related somewhere beneath the car hood. The SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT may indicate, it is time for some routine oil-changing trip to the auto shop. The battery light lights up the moment that car has been turned on. This light will also indicate that there is a problem with the car’s power buttons.
However, the transmission lights are another alarm or warning light that one should really pay attention to. This might be quite rarer to check on the transmission light when compared to the battery light or the check engine light. Yet, this one is really important and should be given much attention by the driver. If you warning light does come one and the car is still functioning and driving as it should be, there is no need to really panic or worry about it. There are plenty of reasons why the transmission light is on. Remember and keep this in mind, not all cars today do have a transmission light. Perhaps, older vehicles do not have this integrated into their system. Many will just register a check engine light If your car has extremely serious transmission problems, it could occur out of nowhere while you are in the middle of nowhere. Just imagine you are having a nice time on a long road trip, and then your transmission overheated and died. The stress and panic could be really serious. These days, most of the vehicles are equipped with this transmission light that will let you know that there is a problem. This will prevent the problem from getting too serious. The transmission lights are found mostly on cars produced in 2012 onwards do integrate this advanced warning system. transmission light The transmission light may alarm you for the following reasons:
  • problem with your transmission
  • traction control light,  overdrive warning
  • a service engine light
  • alert for routine car maintenance
It is also nice to know that there are certain car models and brands by which their car transmission light does not indicate any warning or alarm to car trouble. Instead, it may only indicate it is time to visit the auto shop for some routine car maintenance activities. Take, for instance, the transmission fluid which needs to check every 100,000 miles. The dashboard light will literally light up for this specific concern on your transmission- you need to have your fluid level checked. transmission light In conclusion: The transmission light can definitely help the car owners address trouble and concerns before things get to worse. Before anything explodes into an expensive car repair, you should have the car checked by a professional as soon as you can. If you want to know more about cars, car parts and even selling used cars, visit for more information.

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