What are Pick and Pull Junk Yards?

pick and pull junk yards

Self Service Buying/Selling of Parts and Cars @ Pick & Pull Junk Yards

Are you wondering if it is possible to go through a junk yard and look into the units and have it pulled out for your convenience?

There are a few in existence “pick and pull junk yards” around town.

Generally, pick and pull junk yards are one of the largest industries in the country in the buying and selling of car parts and junk cars. This is a self-serving auto services which allows a client to walk around the junkyard and choose the car parts which you find interesting without to pay someone for the labor costs.

If you are interested in knowing and learning more about pick and pull junk yards, we have broken down all the information you will need through this article. This will also serve as your ultimate guide whether you are a beginner on this niche or you’re an advance car merchant dealing with this type of businesses, you will definitely love our list short overview of this industry.

Should you be interested in exploring a pink and pull junkyard in your town, you should make sure that you have that mechanical skill and experience in the removal and identification of the car parts without causing damage much damage. Otherwise, the parts you take from this place will depreciate in value once it does not appear as good as new.

Thus, with those tiny little details, you must remember that you should come to pick and pull junk yards all prepared and ready with the right kind of tools to help you in the removal of car parts correctly, safely and without a fuss.

pick and pull junk yards

Are Pick & Pull Junk Yards a Good Resource?


Pick and pull junk yards The question that comes to us and many other automotive experts is whether the pink and pull junkyards are a good place to shop for car parts replacements or sell an old junk card.

Nothing is better than listening to real customers about their experience with pick-n-pull reviews. This article highlights the top reported reviews about pick-n-pull and answers some related questions that could help you have a better experience when shopping for auto parts your nearest pick-n-pull junkyard.


What is a pick and pull junkyard?


Pick-n-pull Junkyards are one of the fastest-growing industry in the United States. It first started as a salvage recycling company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, in 1998.

Then, this company grew very fast to become a series of automotive recycling yards where customers can come and remove car parts by themselves without assistance.

The cool thing about pick-n-pull Junkyard is that you can get car parts for a low price because you don’t pay for mechanic labor costs, which will help you remove the car parts.

If you decided to go to a pick-n-pull junkyard, you must have the required mechanical experience to help you take out the parts without damaging them. You also need to get specific tools to help you remove the parts quickly and safely.

If you don’t have any previous experience, it might help you watch any YouTube video tutorials about removing a certain part and what tools are needed.

Pick-n-pull junkyard recycling program


The best thing about pick-n-pull Junkyard is that they work closely together with the environmental agency to remove the vehicles’ parts without hurting the environment safely.

According to Wikipedia, pick-n-pull was featured by the Environmental Protection (EPA) Agency for their environmentally friendly work in 2008. Pick-n-pull participated in the EPA’s national partnership for environmental priorities.

On October 15th, 2009, you can pull Junkyard also received the 1st Indiana clean yard gold level award from the Department of Environmental management.

This award was prepared by a collaboration between the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the automotive recycler of Indiana. They intended to reduce all practices that could affect the environment and threaten living creatures from different salvage yards.

The 2009 award was not the only award he can pull received, and they also received 2011, 2013, and 2015 awards.

How does pick-n-pull Junkyard help the environment?


Pick-n-pull follows a certain procedure to ensure every vehicle is broken down and scraped following certain regulations to reduce harm from getting to the environment.

For example, here are some of the common steps taking when a vehicle is received by pick-n-pull:

·       Drain toxic fluid safely

If you might know, the vehicle’s fluids contain many toxic contaminants that could harm the environment. These contaminants could reach their soil, water and sometimes evaporate into the air.

Not everyone can drain the toxic fluid from the car properly. These fluids must be stored in certain containers and disposed to certain locations. You can’t simply dump these toxic fluids into the landfill in municipal areas.

·       Dispose Mercury switches properly

 Did you know that every single Mercury switch can contaminate 132,000 gallons of our drinking water? Thus, the best thing about pick-n-pull is that they follow certain regulations by the EPA national vehicle Mercury switch removal program and store them properly in the proposed locations.

·       Remove lead-acid batteries

 In pick-n-pull Junkyard, lead-acid batteries are mostly restored if they are usable. However, if the battery is not usable, junk in full pelletized them and shrink them into smaller quantities.

Then, they wrap them and ship them to the proper sites where plastic and lead can be recycled and converted into less harmful components.


·       Dispose of catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are not extremely harmful to the environment, but they have special precious metals reused for other uses.

Thus, pick-n-pull takes care of removing catalytic converters properly. Whenever the catalytic converter is reusable, they can clean it up and sell it as parts. On the other hand, if the catalytic converter is completely damaged or broken, they dispose it properly and take advantage of all precious metals inside it.

pick and pull junk yards

Do Pick-n-Pull Junk Yards Sell Whole Cars?


While it was not stated clearly on most pick and pull’s website, it seems like they mostly sell car parts and not whole vehicles.

When you go to any pick-n-pull junkyard, you will only see vehicles with missing parts. People already took a lot of these vehicles’ components, and it’s very hard to find an entire vehicle completely without any missing components.

Also, they can pull preprocess every vehicle before placing them in the junkyards. In other words, pick-n-pull would drain all toxic fluids before and dispose of them properly. Therefore, you will not find a vehicle that has fluids inside it.

Are Pick-n-Pulls Open?


The best thing about picking pools is that you’ll find them open seven days a week, which is awesome for people or busy and can’t find time during their weekdays.

In general, pick-n-pull are open from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

You can always check their websites and see available locations and their opening hours for more accurate and exact details.


How much does pick-n-pull give you for your car?


Answering this question depends heavily on the type and condition of your car. According to one pick-n-pull website, they can pay you up to $3500.

While this number might be rough, the actual estimate cannot be known until you get in touch with them and provide them details about your car.

Keep in mind that like any junkyards, several factors are affecting the overall evaluation process, including:

·       Your vehicles type

Most junkyards are interested in the metal parts in your car. Thus, the heavier your car, the more cash you will get. For example, if you sell a large SUV, your chances of getting a higher offer can be much more than when selling a midsize or small vehicle.

Your vehicle type can also get too much more money than you think, especially if you own a high-demand vehicle. You can check online and see around your area whether your vehicle is highly demanded, and there are a lot of people interested in buying part replacements or not.

You might even select to go to a different pick-n-pull junkyard located in an area where there is a high demand for similar types to your vehicle.

·       Your vehicle’s condition

 Your vehicle’s condition is another factor determining how much you could get for your car when selling it to pick-n-pull Junkyard. The vehicle’s condition is not as important as the vehicle’s type and weight because junkyards are most of that I’m interested in vehicle weight.

For example, if you are selling a completely damaged vehicle, you’re not going to get a high offer as selling a vehicle in perfect condition.

In the damaged vehicle, pick-n-pull does not have any chance to make money out of this car other than scrapping it and using the metal part of it. However, in the operable vehicle, we can make some money from many working parts in your car even if you have some car parts completely damaged.


·       The price of scrap metal

The price of scrap metal can also affect how much you could get for your car. The higher the price of scrap metal, the more pick-n-pull can pay you.

In general, the price of scrap metal doesn’t change significantly. However, keep in mind that based on our analysis and monitoring of the system in the last years, the price of scrap metal is going down in most cases.

Will pick-n-pull by a car without a title?


Your vehicle’s title is one of the most important documents for selling it to pick-n-pull Junkyard. Pick-n-pulls do not always clearly state on their website that they don’t accept vehicles without titles.

However, most junkyards don’t accept cars without titles. There are other programs like Cash for Clunkers who buy cars in any condition and in-most cases even if the title is not readily available.

If that’s the case, you can always obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office.

You can show them some paperwork to prove ownership and request a title replacement by visiting the DMV office. In most situations, you will only have a couple of paperwork and a small fee before getting the title replacement if they are the vehicle’s legal owner.


What to do after selling your car to pick-n-pull Junkyard?


Pick-n-pull Junkyard is a great company and selling your car to them is a great decision. However, there are a couple of items you need to take care of immediately after selling your car to pick-n-pull, including:


·       Remove all valuable items

At the pickup time, make sure to look at your vehicle inside out. A lot of people tend to forget their phones, computers, close, or even important paperwork.

Even if you are very careful and you make sure that you look carefully at your vehicle the day before, it doesn’t hurt to take a second look and ensure nothing is left.

·       Canceling your vehicle’s registration

While picking full is a trusted company, it’s your responsibility to ensure canceling your vehicle registration by going to a local DMV office and handing your vehicle plates.

Thus, make sure to remove your vehicle’s plates before getting it towed to the pick-n-pull junkyard location.

·       Canceling your insurance policy

Also, who wants to keep paying for a vehicle that he doesn’t own? Make sure to visit your insurance company or give them a call and cancel the policy. This way, you take advantage of any remaining balance in the policy, and you can also get future discounts for your new vehicle.

Several people indicated good experience with their insurance companies when they informed them about selling their cars as junk. Insurance companies offered significant discounts for their brand-new vehicle that they registered afterward.

pick and pull junk yards

What if I can’t sell my car to pick-n-pull Junkyard without a title?


If you ended up without a title for any reason and you were not able to sell your car to pick-n-pull, you can always sell it to Cash for Clunkers.

Cash for Clunkers is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation.

We have more than decades of experience in cars selling and buying around The United States. We are willing to come to your house or office and remove your car even if it doesn’t have a title safely within only three days.

It’s very important to be upfront with us and let us know at the beginning that your vehicle doesn’t have a title because we will ask you to show some paperwork proving ownership like your photo ID and valid car registration.

Our process is very straightforward, and all it takes is following these simple three steps:

·       Share with us your vehicle’s information

 Besides the fact that your vehicle doesn’t have a title, we will also need to know your vehicle type and condition.

We will ask you about your vehicle’s make, model, and year. It’s also important to understand whether your vehicle has significant damages or is missing any important parts.

You can provide this information by phone by calling 1-855-241-1258 us or clicking on getting an instant offer.


·       Receive our instant offer

After you provide your vehicle’s information immediately, our team will provide you with an instant offer, usually within 30 seconds.

We used the most advanced technology in generating our offers, which allows us to evaluate your car within seconds. We compare your vehicles to the most recent transactions around your area and scrap metal price in the evaluation process.

At this point, we allow you to take as much time as you need to review the offer and make sure it works for you before accepting it and proceeding to the next steps.

Once you accept the offer, we will connect you to one of our local car removal specialists, who will schedule a pickup time and location that works for you.

Our company is a 24-hour car removal company which means that we can come to your house or office weekends, evenings, or same-day if you would like.

·       Get your vehicle removed and receive the cash payment 

The best part about Cash for Clunkers is that we provide cash payments for all customers to reduce the hassle in the car selling process.

Therefore, at the pickup time, we will inspect your car and remove it safely. Finally, we will hand you the cash payment immediately, right on the spot!

Don’t worry about your vehicle’s title and get in touch with us today! Your instant offer is waiting for you, and it’s free of charge!





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