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The Vehicle Retirement Program is a program offered by the US government that gives vehicle owners cash incentives to retire their vehicles. This program in the state of California means that vehicles and their owners have to meet certain requirements.

If your car doesn’t meet these requirements, or you live outside of California, then this vehicle retirement program can still work for you through companies like Cash for Clunkers who will give you cash for your junk car right away!

What is a Vehicle Retirement Program?

Factors of vehicle retirement program

Factor 1: Car owners can receive $1500 from California if their gross household income is less than or equal to 225 percent of the federal poverty level. However, if an owner’s income level is higher than this, they can still receive $1000 if the vehicle meets other requirements.

Factor 2: Aside from meeting the required household income, the vehicle must fail an emission test (a smog test) for at least two years (which is in line with the thrust of the program which is to keep California’s air clean). However, those who meet the low income requirements can still qualify for the program even if their car passes a smog test.

What is a Vehicle Retirement Program?

Factor 3: The car must be working and running smoothly. The car or truck must be able to start on its own without the help of starter fluids and jumper cables, and it must be able to move forward 30 feet to get into the vehicle retirement program.

Factor 4: The weight of the vehicle must not be above 10,000 pounds. Vehicles may include pickup trucks, vans, cars, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

Factor 5: A car must be registered in the state of California to qualify. This is to prevent residents of other states from acquiring money would otherwise go to local residents.

Please reference our quick video that outlines all the criteria and necessary steps:

Reasons to use the program

If you and your car qualify for the vehicle retirement program, what are some reasons to use it? Why exactly has California put this program into place? Beside just the cash incentive, below are some reasons why you might be interested in taking part. If you don’t qualify, skip down to the next section to see other options for your junk car, including other cash incentives.

What is a Vehicle Retirement Program?

Better for the environment

The most noticeable and beneficial reason to engage in a vehicle retirement program is to prevent polluting the environment. California’s most significant problem is pollution due to dirty exhausts coming from outdated cars.

Most newer cars are equipped with an air filtration system that is capable of removing pollutants, bacteria, and contaminants. And even if you do switch to an older model, it still is more likely to produce cleaner exhaust fumes do to newer systems.

The application is fast and easy

Applying for the Vehicle Retirement Program in California is fairly straightforward. Keep in mind that no fees are involved so there is nothing to really lose when you engage in this program.

To start, you simply need to review the qualification details, fill out an online application, and submit the required documents. It will then take a few weeks to know about the results of your application.

Available info

At Cash for Clunkers, we came up with a guide to help you understand this type of program for those owners of old or outdated vehicles. You can check out this article from our blog which provides in-depth information about this opportunity.

What is a Vehicle Retirement Program?

What if I don’t qualify?

If you live in another state of the US or your car doesn’t meet the requirements for California’s vehicle retirement program, you have other options. Some options even provide you with cash.

Donating your vehicle

There are many non-profit organizations that need vehicles, either to sell for parts or to repair and use. One easy and excellent program that makes this process easy is Simply pick your charity, fill out the online form or call, then schedule a pick up and receive a tax deduction.

Cash for Clunkers program

If you would like to sell your car for cash, like with the vehicle retirement program, Cash for Clunkers makes this fast and easy. In fact, we provide you with an instant quote and schedule a tow truck and cash in hand often within 24-48 hours!

To help you with the process, you can make use of the Checklist from Cash for Clunkers for pre-selling requirements for your car. If you have any questions, our friendly and helpful representatives are ready to take your call and help you gather everything you need.

What is a Vehicle Retirement Program?

Cash for Clunkers also offers reliable services related to buying used or junk cars. Should you be interested in used cars and making money from it or simply in retiring your car for cash, please visit, call now, or get an instant quote from Cash for Clunkers for more information.





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