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One of the main differences between automatic or manual transmission cars is the existence of overdrive lights or transmission lights. However, a majority of differences exist and come down to how smoothly does travel and the actual gas mileage saved. In the past several years, manual cars are steadily declining in number across the United States. With automatic cars, there is no need to shift gears in order to offset the terrain where the car has been driven. This is the reason why an overdrive function comes into play. transmission

The overdrive light and transmission troubles in your car

The overdrive light or OD light in your car’s dashboard can mean various things. This is all dependent on various things when it is lighting up, blinking, or flashing. However, do you know when you can drive the car safely and when it is not advisable to do so. Below are the things to know bout driving the car with the overdrive:
  • You have nothing to worry about when your overdrive light comes on and stays that way. This would simply indicate that the overdrive system in your is turned off. The overdrive system is simply a process that will allow the vehicle car to maintain a steady driving speed and reduce the effects of wear and tear when you are driving through the highway.
  • To get the overdrive light to turn off, and use your top gear, you should be able to locate a button on the side of your gearshift that will allow you to change the setting.
  • If your overdrive light is blinking or flashing, you are not supposed to address the issue by a simple “button push “. This would cause an alarm, that there is something really wrong with the transmission of your cars. This may include solenoid, speed sensors, and as well as range.

What is the purpose of the overdrive in your automatic transmission car?

If your car has overdrive, you must be wondering what is it really for? Well, the truth is, not all car owners do understand the very purpose of a car’s overdrive. A car with an automatic transmission is normally geared towards a certain knob or button. This is usually found in the automatic transmission which is normally bound to a specified knob or button. Most of the time, it is located on the gear shift system. Once the overdrive is activated on your automatic car, the RPMs of the engine are down at a specific speed and will allow for a better and smoother riding experience along with better performance in fuel efficiency. Take note, that the overdrive system in your car facilitates the best performance possible for your vehicle at high-speed cruising. It is about achieving a smoother ride while minimizing the possibility of fuel loss. transmission

Concerns with the overdrive system or  the transmission light

Keep this one thing in mind as a car owner, the overdrive system in your vehicle is not a flawless and perfect feature by any means. There are common mistakes and errors that may occur. This is most evident if you are using the system incorrectly. The flashing of the override light can mean a multitude of reasons. Thus, it makes sense to say that this is not an infallible feature. Yet, most experts would say that the flashing of overdrive flashing or blinking is highly and strongly associated with the transmission of your car. transmission No matter what car trouble you are facing, you should exert more effort to understand the concerns at hand. There is nothing to panic about. All you have to do is be sensible enough to understand the common reasons why your transmission light or override light is on.  If you are interested, you can read more about transmission articles in your blog right here! For more useful and practical tips and insights on cars, please feel free to visit our site at Cash for Clunkers!

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