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The radiator fan fails when the engine overheats and the fan fails to activate. This would mean that the coolant is incapable of cooling the engine appropriately. Replacing the cooling fan is really an important step into addressing this major car dilemma.

In this article, you will learn how to replace the radiator fan. Please continue reading so you can have an overview of the steps on how to do with the replacement of the radiator cooling fan.

Can I replace the radiator cooling fan motor?

How to replace a radiator fan on most cars

The steps below are similar for most types of vehicles. This article may serve as a guide in replacing a radiator fan which you can take advantage of:

Step 1: Make sure you disconnect the cooling fan connector. You should locate the radiator fan and disconnect the electrical connector for the fan.

Step 2: Remove the lower bolts which are attached to the radiator to the fan. Some vehicles do have alignment dowels that you do not need to remove.

Step 3: The weatherstripping must be removed. This will allow better access to the radiator fan. Remember, some cars do not have these accessories.

Step 4: Remove the plastic shielding. The mounting bolts and clips have been loosened in order to remove the plastic shielding to prevent the replacement of the radiator fan.

Step 5: Remove the plastic covering of the car. Once all the bolts have been removed, you can lift the plastic covering to reveal the radiator fan.

Step 6: Once the plastic covers have been removed, you can loosen and remove the mounting bolts which provide core support.

Step 7: Then the next thing you need to do is lift off the core support from the car and truck. Always remember that the hood cable release could be mounted to this core support.]

Can I replace the radiator cooling fan motor?

Step 8: Loosen the upper radiator hose clamp. You make use of a hose clamp tool.

Step 9: Once the clamp has been loosened, twist the hose with the use of the screw. To make sure that there is no mess, there will be a fluid catch basin ready as the coolant will eventually leak out.

Step 10: After the removal of the upper radiator hose, undo the mounting clips or bolts that hold the air intake in position.

Step 11: Loosen and remove the upper mounting bolts from the radiator cooling fan radiator mount.

Step 12: Once all the mounting bolts and clips have been removed, you should gently lift the cooling fan from the engine bay.

Step 13: After the radiator fan has been removed, compare and contrast the old fan to the replacement radiator cooling fan.

Step 14:Gently put the new radiator fan in place slowly. Make sure you do not damage the radiator fan fins.

Tools and supplies for radiator fan replacement

In order to address the radiator fan problems in order to achieve a safe driving experience. Tools and supplies which you might need for the removal of the radiator fan:

  • Wrench set
  • Socket set
  • Fluid catch basin
  • Replacement cooling fan
  • Hose clamp tool or channel locks
  • Protective gloves and eyewear

Can I replace the radiator cooling fan motor?

The best methods and practices in replacing the radiator fan:

  • Validate and check the main fan blade mounting knots for the purpose of tightness
  • Make sure that the electrical connectors are free from dirt and debris for proper current flow
  • Make sure that the engine has been warmed up in order to achieve operational temperature until the radiator fan turns on. If the radiator fan has been turned on and still the temperature of the engine heats up occurs, you need to check on addressing the overheating of the engine.


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