How to Sell A Junk Car to a Local Salvage Yard?

Junk Yards

How to Sell Your Junk Car to a Local Salvage Yard

Car owners across the country are still wondering what to do with their old or used dilapidated cars in their yard. Whether the car will end up on the junk yards or somebody will purchase it right away. These vehicles may appear to be a sore eye and is definitely a headache than it is worth. Whether your car has electrical, aesthetic or mechanical flaw, your car definitely does not deserve a spot in your future endeavors.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who cannot just sell their car privately. Some may find the process to be absolutely tedious and others simply failed with no success of getting a good deal. Furthermore, it can be so discouraging that the agent might laugh you out as you try to negotiate a trade-in transaction for your car.

You do not have to despair, there is one option that you might be interested to explore, why not find junk yardswhich can help convert your old car into cold cash! Those unwanted vehicles in your garage can be sold in various ways. One of which is contacting several local junk yards which can give you the best deals for your old wheels.

Before we delve deeper to the process of getting rid of your unwanted vehicle,  you should understand what a junkyard is and how it works.

Junk Yards


What are Salvage yards & Junk yards?

There are instances that one will encounter piles and piles of car and metal stuff on a yard. You might have seen one of these junk yards on a specific area where people put their scrapped vehicles. Some call it as demolition car yards, salvage yards others call it scrap yards. A gigantic front end loader dashes around the yard hauling in and out scraps from different metal piles and down to the humungous shredder with metal teeth.

Basically, the junk yard is the end place of metal things of all sorts. Metal bikes, trailers, railways and cars all end up in this rusty paradise. Most of the time, these junk yards do sell salvaged metal from recycling facilities and units which melts them down and recycle them into new metal items.

Will Salvage Yards Buy My Junk Car and For Which Cost?


Generally, prices for used cars on sale really fluctuates. However, one can expect a range from 100 to 500 dollars for an old car. The price of the car depends on several factors like the weight of the car, overall condition of the car and the current price of scrapped metals in the market.

In addition to that, factors related to the of a junk car may include the model, make and year of the car, level, amount and location of the damage in the unit, location of the car or if the buying junk yard is required to tow in the car. However, most of the junk yards do make transaction with free towing deals.

One of the most common practices of junk yards is that they buy your car on cash. Yet, there may certain fees to cover once your car has been purchased like towing fees and alike.

I think it does make sense that instead of having your used car harboring litter in your yard, why not convert it into cash. You can definitely convert that cumbersome old used car of yours into cold cash. When you sell your car to a junk yard, you reclaim the space, got rid of an eye sore in your yard, minimize the health risks of metal exposure and you can make use of the cash into other needs and necessities in your home.


Junk Yards


Will Junk Yards Pay Cash for My Used Car?


If you are reckoning to put your used cars up on sale for a junk yard, you should look into what we have to help you go through the process.

We have provided a checklist on how to put your junk car on sale to a salvage or junk yard. Tips on how to sell you old used car to various junk yards around town:

1.    Contact various local junk yards within your vicinity. Try searching through the internet and look into the ones which have the most favorable feedbacks. You can do that by simply checking on their customer feedback page. Always deal with the junk yard with the most positive feedbacks from their previous clientele.


2.    You should keep your questions handy whenever you contact a junk yard or salvage yard. Ask specific questions concerning the transactions like how long will the entire process be, are there towing fees to be sorted or what related feels are included when they will buy the car.


3.    We suggest that you do some research on the current price of the scrap metal in the market. You can do it through online research.  This is important so you can somehow do an estimation of the price of your car.


4.    Check and validate the gross weight of your care before you transact a junk yard. This will be very useful if you are to negotiate on the price of your cars with the buyers.


5.    Do not forget to prepare the car. Remove all the personal belongings inside it. Make sure you get rid of all the items you own. Also, try to clean the exterior and interior of the car thoroughly.


6.    Lastly, prepare yourself for the negotiation process for the best price and the most value for your used car.



Junk Yards


How Should I Get Rid of my Junk Car?


The final feat of your used car all depends on the purpose of desired end result. Determine whether you simply want to get rid of the car or you want to earn some cash from it.


1.    You can definitely donate your junk car to charity organizations. This may also have its pros and cons. For most car donors, the endless forms to fill out and the deductions a donor needs to cover can make them think twice about donating the car.

2.    Sell the junk car to a junk yard or salvage yards for some extra cash. You should decide to which junk yard shall the car will end up with. Do your homework by finding the best offers from the most reliable junk yard in your area.

3.    Sell the junk car to Cash for Clunkers. We take the leg work and hassle out of the process. Making it easy and fast + a FREE tow. Call now or complete an anonymous form for a no obligation quote.



Explore other means apart from selling the car to junk yards for some cold cash!


You can definitely look into the selling your used car online. The experts on Cash For Clunkers can help you in finding the best price for your car instead of selling your unit to junk yards. They specialize in convenient, easy and fast transactions into selling your car.


So instead of exhausting your efforts into selling your junk car to salvage yards around town, you can contact Cash For Clunkers for faster and reliable transactions. With Cash For Clunkers, you can surely convert your junk car into cold cash without the fuss!







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