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Can’t Afford To Replace Your Car Radiator Fan?

Your vehicle has several parts and pieces to make it run smoothly, and one of the most important components of a car or truck is the car radiator fan. Thus, if this type of fan does not work or is not functioning well, it could lead to several car problems and ultimately expensive repairs.

In this article, you will learn about some little things about the car radiator fan in a quick overview. Also, we offer some tips on how to really understand a broken radiator fan alongside of some tips on how to find the money to cover a car radiator fan repair or replacement.

car radiator fan

How do I know I am dealing with a malfunctioning car radiator fan?

A damaged or broken car radiator fan can be a root cause of various automotive emergencies, which may include:

  • Overheating of the vehicle’s engine
  • Warm air blowing while the air conditioning unit is running
  • Warning lights on your dashboard are being turned on indicating car troubles
  • A weird, whirring sound

Overheating of the engine

A damaged car radiator fan will damage your engine once left unaddressed.  This will happen most often when the car is running at a slower speed or is idling. An overheated engine can be easily damaged and will lead to expensive repair services. If you see smoke coming out from under your hood while you are on the road, all you have to do is move to the roadside and turn the engine off immediately.

Warm air blowing from the A/C

The car radiator fan is so useful to the car’s condenser. Both are responsible for the removal of heat from the air-conditioning system. A damaged radiator fan will definitely cause a failure of the condenser. Thereby, the air-conditioning system will eventually blow warm air. Although this issue can be associated with other causes, if the A/C blows warm air, consult a professional mechanic to find whether the cause is the radiator fan or a leaking refrigerant.

Warning lights on the dashboard

The failure of the radiator fan may cause the check engine light and the engine temperature light to be turned on. There are times that the air-conditioning system may display a warning light as well.

Listen to that weird sound

One of the most old-school ways of checking on the current status of your radiator fan is by observing the occurrence of a weird sound. This whirring sound may be attributed to a failing radiator fan. We strongly believe that a well-maintained car will not have any problem with failing car radiator fans and alike.

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car radiator fan

Can you still drive the car with a bad car radiator fan?

A lot of drivers will surely agree with us that driving with a faulty car radiator fan is like dancing with disaster. If you are worried about the cost of the repair and replacement or you do not have the luxury of time to visit the auto shop, you should never drive the car to avoid overheating the engine.

However, if you really need to drive, you can try driving the car over a short distance in cooler weather, especially if you’ll be driving at mostly steady speeds without too much slowing down or idling. If the weather is extremely hot, you should never drive as the outside temperature will contribute to the heat of the engine.

car radiator fan

What if you do not have enough money to replace the car radiator fan?

A complete replacement of a radiator fan can be quite expensive, costing anywhere from about $550 to $650. If you don’t have the means to cover the expense, however, you can explore selling off your car to a local junk dealer in your town. A junk car dealer can definitely give you the best and fairest quote for quick cash for your car repair expenses.

All you have to do is remove all of your belongings and personal items along with car parts and pieces which you can sell separately (tires, GPS systems, and entertainment systems). Then call now or get an instant quote from Cash for Clunkers for more information.





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