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One of the most important things to remember as a responsible car owner is the inspection of any engine or vehicle. When you have a car, you should understand what a radiator fan inspection is like.

Why radiator inspection is important?

For your car engine to last a longer lifespan and achieve optimal performance, you should avoid overheating the engine. The cooling system of your car is really important along with the coolant. This very vital system included a radiator fan which blows cool air through the radiator transferring the heat away from the engine. Thus, it prevents overheating to even take place. The problem may arise if the radiator fan does not work itself. This will really lead to serious damage to the car engine which warrants immediate intervention the very minute it happens.

Tips on How to Ensure Radiator Fan is Working Well

Can I learn how to do radiator inspection by myself?

In this article, you will learn how to go about the reasons and causes why a radiator fan fails, how to assess and intervene with the most manageable causes. You should learn how to inspect the radiator fan not to replace professional intervention. However, this is to encourage more knowledge and awareness amongst car owners across the country.

What is a radiator fan for and how does it work?

Car owners must understand that safety is their top priority. One way of doing this is to conduct a radiator fan inspection. This will see to it that all the parts of the cars do work and operate smoothly.

The radiator is one of the most important components of the car engine cooling system. The engine must run your car by causing combustion within the combustion chamber. Along with it, a large amount of friction happens. This will result to a whole lot of heat within the engine.

Tips on How to Ensure Radiator Fan is Working Well

If this enormous amount of heat is not dissipated elsewhere in order to cool down the engine while it is running. This will cause the engine to be extremely hot and will cause other parts of the car to be hot as well. Eventually, it will cause serious damage to your vehicle.

The lubricating oil works with the engine’s multi-part cooling system in the reduction of friction. The heat exits with the exhaust system through the combustion chamber. With the thermostat in front of the engine, the detection of dangerous temperatures is possible. The radiator will then function to release a mixture of coolant and water to quickly cool down the temperature of the car engine.

A sensor is located at the bottom of the passenger side. It is responsible for taking the temperature of the coolant. When the temperature of the car reaches a preset temperature (172°F) the sensor will send a signal to the radiator fan to be turned on. The said fan will also be turned on after switching on the AC (air conditioner).

Tips on How to Ensure Radiator Fan is Working Well

Symptoms for Radiator Fan Which Are Not Working

If you need to validate or confirm if the radiator fan is not working, you should turn the engine and let your vehicle go stationary. Looking through the fan sound is the surest way of checking the radiator fan. Below are some of the signs that can signify a bad radiator fan:

Cooling fans do not work. If the cooling fan motors burn or fail, the cooling fans will be disabled. The cooling fan motors will work well with the cooling fan blades to pull air through the car’s radiator. If the motor fails the blades will not be able to generate or spin airflow.

Overheating of the car. If the cooling fans fail or disabled, the engine temperature continues to rise until the engine overheats.

Blown cooling fan circuit fuse. Due to electrical surges, the fuse will blow in order to protect the different systems of the car. The fuse must be replaced accordingly to restore the functionality of the radiator fans.

Tips on How to Ensure Radiator Fan is Working Well

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